Queer Lodgings

by Ozark Soundscape

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Available for download from I Thought You Were A Marxist Records: ithoughtyouwereamarxistrecords.bandcamp.com/album/queer-lodgings


released January 14, 2016

Recorded from June to October 2015 at "Dear Worms, No" Studios.

Andrew Robbins - Guitar, vocals, drums, cymbals, percussion, bass, electronics, keyboards, production, engineering, mixing, and mastering
Patrick James - Piano on "No Priority"
Steve Robey - Saxophone on "No Priority"

All music written by Andrew Robbins. All lyrics written by Andrew Robbins except for "Brookback Excerpt" by Billy Degge.




Ozark Soundscape St. Louis, Missouri

Prolific teenage avant-garde bedroom indie rocker singer/songwriter.

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Track Name: The Rhythm Remains
My heart palpitates
My knees start to shake
I'm shaken not stirred
From my rest I'm procured

The rhythm remains
The rhythm remains
The rhythm remains
The rhythm remains

When you speak
The forbidden tongue
The melody's lost
But the rhythm is won

The rhythm remains
The rhythm remains
The rhythm remains
The rhythm remains

I took the words from Genesis
I awoke the dragon with my voice
Take all you want he loudly cried
Just leave me and my children alive

I shook my head I shook my head
Calling the brotherhood of men
Take leave from all that you have planned
We've got a new prize for King Avidan
Track Name: No Thanks, Metropolis
Amazon lily and barberton
On a hill and and on a lawn
Pale blue sky and trees surrounding
Dark green grass to lie upon

Orange bird of paradise
It's blue pedals look quite nice
Dragonflies they land around me
But the squirrels hide up in their tree

Honeysuckle behind the gate
Why don't you go and have a taste
I like the pattern on your skirt
But compared to your face what's it worth?

Light pink roses, the thorns cut my hands
I'm hit by a feeling I can't understand
And all my senses cross in my mind
I'm deaf but hear, I see but I'm blind

Why live in the city
When you
Could live in a place like this
No thanks,
Track Name: Grocery Ghost
In the grocery isle, I see many things
Like cereal boxes, candy bars, and plastic rings
Teddy bears and mighty kings
Slightly distant family
And a little ghost walking down to me
He sees all the things I see
Except for me

I tell him I forgot what I came here for but
He tells me he can't see me
He only hears me - he asks
what's the
sound birds make
I think that's called chirping
I proudly proclaimed
That's the sound that you make
Said the little ghost to me

In the grocery isle
I see many things
Track Name: The Kids Down the Hall
Here I am, a humble martyr
And I declare that we're the worst
Culturally fruitless cancer
And industrious polluters
World is crumbling below us
And yet we keep on digging down
The dirt flies onto the third world
And our poor we use to fill the fills

Though I'm not saying that you're all wrong
But masturbating too hard too long
You say you're humble and act a saint
But I can tell you, angel you aint

We've got some problems we need to solve
But while you're blaming the kids down the hall
Politics stop you from blaming foes
To our humanitarian goals
Track Name: No Respect
You think women owe you something
I can tell you that they don't
Just because you're nice to them
Don't mean you can stick it down their throat
You tell her all the other
Guys only care about sex
But if she's not interested
You call her a cunt

You've no respect
For the fairer sex

You're the kind of jack off that
Shoots up a school just because you
Have no friends and aren't cool
Maybe it's 'cause you're a jerk
To anyone who won't suck you off

You've no respect
For anyone but yourself
Track Name: Julia Horsewriter and Her Baker's Dozen Gnomes
In a house in the country
Lived the Horsewriters
On the property there was a garden
That was kept by Mrs. Horsewriter

And in that garden of hundreds of flowers
Lived a baker's dozen gnomes
All the gnomes adored Julia
She could do no wrong

And they couldn't believe or understand
Why she was constantly beaten by the very fat man

The gnomes were so heartbroken
Something must be done
So they stayed up late and devised a plan
And waited for the sun

They lit Dan's crops on fire
And out from the house he ran
And they loaded their bows and shot off his head
Now Julia lives alone and tends to her flower beds
Track Name: Wiccan Claw Girl
Give me a claw
Girl, I need a claw
Give me a claw
I need a new avenue
Give me a claw
I need a new avenue, babe
Wiccan came in the night turned me into POTUS

Baby's got the blues
Cause the doctor told her bad news
Papa's got a new bag
Give me that fucking claw
A new avenue
Gary needs a new pair of shoes
Baby, won't you follow me down

Cancer in a low life
I got a jack knife
But I aint got no claw, girl
I need a claw, girl
West avenue
No that just won't do
Deerhoof vs Deerhunter

Track Name: No Priority
You are my favorite woman
Want you to be my girlfriend
You are my favorite woman
Want you to be my girlfriend
You are my favorite painting
Want you to paint my scieling

Life goes by in the blink of an eye
Some like to ask the question why
But that's boring to me
Haven't got the time, it's no priority

You are my favorite oven
Want you to cook me breakfast
You are my favorite lightbulb
Want you to light up my world
You are my favorite flower
Want to plant you on the streets of hollywood

You are my favorite question
I'd like to say you to the president
You are my favorite crime
Certainly better than taking anothers life
You are my favorite language
I'll speak you till my mouth starts bleedin

Life goes by in the blink of an eye
Some like to ask the question why
But that's boring to me
Haven't got the time, it's no priority
Track Name: Brookback Excerpt
by Billy Degge

He has waded moon-lit fields
blue -bells spreaded pollen shields
Brookback rolls over and kiels.
And dark skies roll thunder that yields
He's dried up now.
Track Name: Aphrodite
Well the man inside
Aint the man you see
That's why Aphrodite will never love me

The rest was improvised