You Will Die

from by Ozark Soundscape



This is the day that I will die
I can feel it in my soul but I won't cry
It's not sudden or unexpected
For the woman on whom my hate I've directed
Has sent me a letter, "You will die."

I called the sheriff and I called the judge
But they said there's no stopping that woman
When she settles a grudge

And so I went out, bought a gun
Bought a horse and packed my stuff
Set out fast, burned my house with gas
And now I'm on the run

Three days in and I still feel her breath on my neck
I'm sweating and I am a nervous wreck
Low on water and low on food
But now I'm halted by this Indian dude
Who says "You can't pass"

Where the hell am I supposed to go
when the vampire queen is surely soon to show
The sun beats down and I go mad
See the world as a plastic bag
And I pass out after hours of running

I woke up and I made camp
Set a fire, got in my sleeping bag
With my gun loaded and laying by my side
It was the most in weeks that I felt alive
It was then that the vampire queen did hunt me

Oh Josephine the vampire queen
Dark tormentor of all my dreams
Scared me bad and sent me off a running
Now she's got a gun to my head
Bang bang bang and I am dead


from Wabi Sabi Lover Boy, released May 5, 2016




Ozark Soundscape St. Louis, Missouri

Prolific teenage avant-garde bedroom indie rocker singer/songwriter.

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